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Based in the Italian Dolomites, ISRA athletes have access to 12 ski areas and 1200 kilometers of terrain through one ski pass. Val di Fassa and San Pelligrino are the primary training venues and athletes compete in races throughout Europe. 


International Ski Racing Academy athletes live in Soraga, a small town at the base of the Dolomites. Apartments are fully equipped and within walking distance of local amenities and coaches' apartments. Between three and five athletes share each apartment.


Athletes can shop for groceries and prepare food in their apartments.  Nearby restaurants offer a good variety of cuisine. ISRA coordinates set menus for reasonable rates at local restaurants, if athletes prefer to eat out regularly.


A gym and physical therapy facility are a 10-minute drive from athlete apartments. Athletes have walking access to amenities in the town of Soraga, including restaurants, shops and a supermarket. Various medical facilities are located nearby.

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